Comrades Marathon
A very successful Two Oceans broadcast, and the preparation for Comrades has proved that real-time GIS offers an excellent solution to event broadcasting. No other GIS technology can fill this gap, as you have to react to changes during the event. The ability to create new animation on the fly (what I see on my computer screen, is broadcast live across the country) is paramount to the success.
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Johan Hammes

nineteen70five specialises in the import of GIS data sets and creation of a GIS viewer which allows the user to "fly" over a 3-D image of their data sets. What makes our work unique is the seamless merging of mosaic images, the conversion of data to display in real time and the draping of images over an elevation grid which renders the image three dimensional.

One of our major clients in the Peace Parks Foundation, (http://www.peaceparks.org) a prestigious environmental organisation focused on the creation of trans-frontier conservation areas on the African sub-continent with a view to sustainable economic development and preservation of biodiversity.

The software we have developed for the foundation is used for presentations which are pitched to blue chip business corporations and world leaders to give a visual image of what the peace parks will mean to the southern African region.

Johan Hammes
The founder of nineteen70five, Johan has dedicated his working career to the creation of real time 3D software. While studying for a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering at the University of Pretoria, after matriculating with distinction, he has created a flight simulator demonstrator which was taken up by Electronic Arts. This experience led to a position with 5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies), a Pretoria based company which specialise in custom-designed simulators for both military and civil use. While here he developed terrain-rendering technology for use in simulators and project managed several projects, including:
- The creation of a mechanised coal mining simulator for petroleum giant, Sasol, for training purposes.
Lead a team in the creation of a simulator for the training of Unmanned Arial Vehicles operators.
The writing of demo simulator software which would enable air force fighter pilots to re-live a flight in order to maximise training.
- The creation of simulator software for the training of air traffic controllers to enable them to visualise and conceptualise the air space around the airport.

In 1999 he left 5DT to further his work with terrain rendering and to start nineteen70five. Since then he has written code can handle the import of GIS data sets, convert and display them in real time and mosaic the images seamlessly. In latter years he has worked on creating spherical earth views.

Last he year wrote and presented a paper for the first Digital Earth Moving International Symposium, in Manno in Switzerland. The paper was published in Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. (This paper can be found in the downloads section)