nwGIS is a real-time GIS viewer built upon the Natural Worlds library.

Complete spherical planets
Real-time flythrough on PC workstations (more than 30 frames per second)
Huge data sets, up to 10Gig worth of uncompressed data can be viewed without swapping from disk
Seamless fly around the whole planet, then zooming in to meter sized pixels and majestic 3d mountains
Ecotope modelling for the creation of stunning natural scenery close up
Read and display ESRI .shp files, points, lines and polygons.
Import BIL files with any number of bands
Assigns bands to colour channels, applies colour correction (process is compatible with reading ERMapper algorithm files)
Manages compression levels and final database size.
Loads and displays 8 bit, 16 bit or floating point elevation data
Allows editing of planet information, including spheroid shape and radius
Saves 3d hardware optimised compressed data sets.
Features a separate viewer that can only read and display compressed data sets. Ideal to distribute freely to anyone wishing to view data sets.

Works on standard desktop or laptop PC's.
64 Meg of RAM
Pentium 3 processor
Nvidia Geforce 256 class or above (32 Meg) graphics accelerator