The Krugersdorp Museum

The Krugersdorp Museum was established in July 1993 and is housed in the Old Magistrate's Court,one of the town's oldest buildings.

The cornerstone was laid on 18 September 1890 by President Paul Kruger of the former 'Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek'.

The Museum officially opened it's doors to the public on 10 January 1995.It's Exhibitions are based on the following themes :

  • The history and cultures of Krugersdorp.
  • Archaeology which emphasises the famous Sterkfontein Caves and other palaeontological sites in the area.
  • The role of mining in the establishment and development of the town.
  • The geology and geography of the Witwatersrand in the Krugersdorp area.
  • The Mmabana Children's Museum forms an integral part of the Krugersdorp Museum. The word 'Mmabana' means 'Mother of children' and implies that the children's Museum focus on teaching children their cultural values through playing, like a mother teaching her child.

With the principal of outcome based education in mind,the Krugersdorp Museum presents educational tours,travelling exhibitions and a variety of cultural and educational programmes to school groups visiting the museum by pre-arrangement.These services are also request available to other groups who intend to visit the museum.

The Krugersdorp Museum supports the philosophy that 'Krugersdorp is the Museum'. The building housing the museum exhibitions is thus just a starting point for an exciting visit to the historical places and cultural activities of the town.