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agfa wildlife pictures possibly entered by the webmaster ... the results will be known in July 2002 .. good luck!!!


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19 May 2001

Gia Na Gelaste  (Jokes of the moment)

Below, please find some really good Greeklish cartoons .... I must admit, I didn't understand some...... so I will publish the name of the first person who e-mails me with all the right answers ..... good luck and I await your answers with anticipation ...... 

These cartoons were submitted by Milton Sakalis from Cape Town South Africa (ex- Bulawayo as well) ... thanks Milton ....

greeklish1.jpg (18816 bytes) greeklish2.jpg (23543 bytes) greeklish3.jpg (24112 bytes) greeklish4.jpg (21832 bytes)

greeklish5.jpg (24771 bytes) greeklish6.jpg (25703 bytes) greeklish7.jpg (34924 bytes)


If you have any Greek jokes that you want to share with the rest of us we will gladly post it on the site with your e-mail address (if desired)...send them to

We are also be archiving the jokes that we have shown here for a few weeks on our Gia Na Gelaste page, just in case you missed the previous few weeks.....

We have found a new site called which specialises in Greek jokes.... check it out, and tell us what you think...

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Athens Stock Exchange

For a quick look at the daily movement of the ASE, please click onto the ASE's site below. The page gives you a summary of the movement of the index and volumes of trades etc.

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Other very good links:

Educational and Leisure: Ta Biblia Mas A site where you can buy Greek books online

General H Ellada Mas :A very good site on all aspects of Greece

Greek Web sites: This seems to be quite a good portal for Greek web sites... I haven't checked it out well yet, but tell us what you think...

Hellenic Resources Network is a Greek portal with a variety of topics and news....


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