Some Adventures in Euclidean Geometry

by Michael de Villiers

The purpose of this book is to actively involve the reader in the heuristic processes of conjecturing, discovering, formulating, classifying, defining, refuting, proving, etc. within the context of Euclidean geometry. The book deals with many interesting and beautiful geometric results which have only been discovered during the past 300 years such as the Euler line, the theorems of Ceva, Napoleon, Morley, Miquel, Varignon, etc. Some original results are also presented which have not been published elsewhere before.

Many problems lend themselves excellently for exploration on computer with dynamic geometry programs such as Cabri and/or Sketchpad, although it is not essential to have these programs. The reader should be well acquainted with high school Euclidean and transformation geometry, as well as trigonometry. The book is addressed primarily to university or college lecturers involved in the under-graduate or in-service training of high school mathematics teachers, but may also interest teachers who are looking for enrichment material and gifted high school mathematics pupils.

219 pp., 3rd Revised version 2009, Paperbound, ISBN: 978-0-557-10295-2. The book is now available as a downloadable PDF or as printed paperback and payments can be made via Credit Card or PayPal for International Customers. Follow the link below for more information or to preview and buy the book:

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