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Welcome to my website which deals mainly with mathematics and mathematics education aiming at secondary and primary school mathematics teaching and learning, although some aspects are relevant to undergraduate mathematics. The website is organized as follows:
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Brief Biography

Michael de Villiers taught mathematics and science at Karasburg High School (Namibia)and Diamantveld High School in Kimberley. In 1983 he received the Science Teacher of the Year award. Later that year he was appointed as a researcher at the Research Unit for Mathematics Education of the University of Stellenbosch. He has been at the University of Durban-Westville since 1991 (Univ. of KwaZulu-Natal since 2004) where he teaches both under-graduate and graduate courses in mathematics & mathematics education. He has published 7 books among which are "Boolean Algebra at school", "Elementary Logic", "Mathematical modelling in action in some situations", "The mathematics of voting", "Some adventures in Euclidean geometry" and "Rethinking Proof with Sketchpad". He has published over 150 articles, many of which have been in international journals. Between 1988-1997, he was editor of PYTHAGORAS, the official journal of the Association for Mathematics Education of South Africa. He is a regular speaker at local and international conferences on mathematics and mathematics education. He is also member of several international organizations, for example, the PME Working Group on Geometry, COMAP, MAA and the AMS. His main research interests are Geometry, Applications and Modelling, and the History and Philosophy of Mathematics. Since 1997, he has also been vice-chair of the SA Mathematics Olympiad Committee which is responsible for setting and organizing the nationwide SA Mathematics Olympiad.

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