Proceedings of Topic Group 8: Proofs and Proving: Why, when and how?

Chief Organizer: Michael de Villiers, South Africa

Co-organizer: Fulvia Furinghetti, Italy

8th International Congress on Mathematical Education (Seville, Spain July 14-21, 1996)

The above proceedings has now been published through the Association for Mathematics Education of South Africa (AMESA). The following authors contributed to the Proceedings: Gila Hanna, Erich Wittmann, Michael de Villiers, Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar, Bram van Asch, Ken Retzer, Dennis Almeida, Fulvia Furinghetti & Domingo Paola, John Pegg, M Ibanes & Tomas Ortega, Olga Leon & Dora Calderon, David Reid, Victor Katz, Ana-Rosa Scarafiotti & Francesca Alloatti, Ana Mesquita, Carolyn Maher, Lesley Jones, Yasuhiro Sekiguchi, Antonio Garnica and Zsofia Ruttkay.

The papers were grouped into five broad areas, namely: (1) Computers & Proof Heuristics (2) Informal/Formal Methods of Proof (3) The Role of Proof (4) The Learning of Proof (5) Teacher Training & Educational Practice. Post graduate students, lecturers and teachers in mathematics and mathematics education at all levels would find this an extremely useful resource of current research and thinking on proof.

The 300 pp Proceedings is available at R60 (internationally at USD $19) which includes postage (surface mail only) and can be ordered from:

"Proof Proceedings",

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