Rethinking Proof with The Geometer's Sketchpad includes CD-ROM with ready-made sketches and scripts for Windows and Macintosh. Requires The Geometer's Sketchpad software, available from Dynamic Math Learning (Southern Africa) or Key Curriculum Press (elsewhere).

Rethinking Proof harnesses the power of Dynamic Geometry to engage students not only in making and proving conjectures, but in thinking about proof in a radically different way. Although many mathematics teachers and mathematics educators believe that mathematicians prove theorems for the sole purpose of verifying their proof, De Villiers offers other motivations for proof besides verification, including explanation, discovery, challenge, and systematization. One reason many students have difficulty with proof is that they have an incomplete understanding of the different functions of proof in mathematics. Rethinking Proof is structured to illustrate all these roles of proof.

In the activities, students work with Sketchpad sketches to make conjectures. The sketches offer convincing evidence that the conjectures are true, but students don't stop there. Carefully constructed questions guide the students to develop explanations for why their conjectures are true. By experiencing the power and beauty of proof in its many different roles, students gain a new experience for this important aspect of mathematics. The activities vary in level of difficulty, and are suitable from high school up to college level (e.g. mathematics teacher education).

53390 Grades 9 to College, 216 pp. $24.95

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